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College & Career Planning

  • Senior Class Presentation

    The Counseling Department presents classroom lessons to the senior class to disseminate important information about finishing high school strong & getting ready for the future. 

    Click here for Senior Presentation

    Georgia Futures:

    GAfutures is a website that offers a wealth of information to students & families about high school and college planning. Your high school counselor will frequently refer students & parents to this website to get the most accurate and up-to-date information about high school and college. Check out some of the links below to get familiar with this important website!

    GAfutures - College Planning (overview)

    GAfutures - College Planning Timeline

    GAfutures - College Decision Guide

    GAfutures - College Search

    *Students: Be sure to create a GAFutures account. You will use this account throughout high school. You can create your account at*

    HOPE/Zell & Other Scholarships:

    The HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships and Grants are scholarships that many high school students strive to qualify for. HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships and Grants are available to students who meet certain requirements, are residents of the State of Georgia, and will be attending a college or technical school after high school. Review the links below for more detailed information about HOPE/Zell.

Scholarship Bulletin - Keep checking this for updates throughout the year!

HOPE/Zell Information 

FAFSA and Financial Aid Information 

State Student Aid 

Federal Student Aid 

Q & A - Filling Out the FAFSA 

The Scholarship Coach 

*Follow our Instagram to see postings about scholarships @jaxcocounseling

Other Helpful Resources

College Admissions & Extracurriculars 

Khan Academy - College Admission Guide 

Net Price Calculator 

Financial Video

College/Career Inventory

YouScience - Aptitude, College, and Career Inventory  Download YouScience - Aptitude, College, and Career Inventory