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AP Testing and Exam Registration Information

AP Testing

General Updates:

  • The AP exam price has increased this year. JCHS students will pay $102 per exam.

  • The AP Capstone Exams price will increase to $150 this year. 

  • You can register and pay NOW until March 8, 2024!

  • For 1st Semester (Fall 2023), the late order fee remains $40 per exam if ordered after our Nov. 1st cut-off date (this is in addition to the $102 exam fee).

  • For 2nd Semester (Spring 2024), the late order fee remains $40 per exam if ordered after our March 1st cut-off date (this is in addition to the $102 exam fee).

  • Unused/canceled exam fees still apply! If a student cancels an AP exam or does not show up to take their AP exam, the College Board will charge the student a $40 fee (per exam). This means that the student will only be reimbursed $68.

myAP Classroom:

  • Students should have joined myAP Classroom at this point.

  • Suggestion: It is highly suggested that students use their personal email addresses to create their College Board accounts. There are numerous issues that arise when students use school issued email addresses.

Please review the AP Exam Registration Process for Spring 2024:

  • Step 1: Students must join myAP Classroom and register with the College Board by indicating whether or not they intend to take the AP Exam. THIS IS A REQUIRED STEP FOR EACH AP EXAM. Students must indicate their exam decision by March 1. On March 1st, the AP Coordinator will LOCK the exam decision indicator options and revert Undecided responses to NO, DO NOT ORDER AN EXAM.

  • Step 2: Students will need to register and submit payment via Total Registration (exams will NOT be ordered until full payment is received). The Total Registration link went live on August 14 and students have until Nov. 1st to register in Total Registration and submit payment.

  • Total Registration Link: CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SITE. Students must be registered and paid in full in Total Registration by March 1, 2024.